Appearance of Moskow Watchdog breed

Head: Massive and powerful. Eyes: Dark brown, medium size, set to front. Ears: Medium size, set high, drop to side of head. Muzzle: Wide and well tapered. Nose: Black and self-colored according to coat. Bite: Scissor or level. Neck: Strong, carried erect. Topline: Level. Chest: Well arched, moderately deep and wide. Body: Mighty and tall. Legs: Strong, very muscular. Feet: Broad with strong toes. Tail: Plumed, almost floor length. Movement: Strong and driving, yet very agile. Temperament: Protective and aloof with strangers.

Moscow Watchdog (Russian: Московская Сторожевая) is a breed of dog created in Bolshevik Russia by the Soviet Red Army to guard. It descends from crosses between the St. Bernard, Caucasian Shepherd, and Russian Spotted Hound breeds. The breed is very large and weight is between 100 and 150lbs(45-68kg). Unlike its modern St Bernard counterparts, the breed needs lots of vigorous exercise. They do not drool like many of the other molossers. Until recently, Moscow Watchdogs were very hard to find outside of the Soviet Union, however are now becoming more popular in Europe and have recently reached the United States.

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