Moskow Watchdog's Temperament

Before you embark on buying a Moscow Watchdog, there are some things I have to tell you. All is not what it seems with this dog. You have… I emphasize: YOU HAVE TO be aware of the fact that YOU have to be the alpha male. Accepting a leading position in the so-called pack is of vital importance. Why? For two reasons. One: Because of this dog’s size and secondly because of its interesting and often unfathomable character.

It is hard to pinpoint an exact personality trait to this big dog. Often they can be submissive and react well to orders. Other times, they need a strong and assertive person to take the upper hand with them. All Moscow Watchdogs are independent and stubborn, and so consistency on your part is of utmost importance. It is best to educcate this dog from the moment you got him/her. The sooner he knows who is boss and what the rules are, the easier it is to put him on your wavelength. The best way to educate your Moscow Watchdog is to take him to a professional training school. Often, trying at home alone, will result in you flying after him while he takes YOU for a walk.

This is not a particularly sociable dog. Sure, he wants and loves attention from his owner and family, but he doesn’t crave to be in the spotlight or to be spoilt too much. Hw will often appear aloof and independent. This stems from a strong watchdog instinct, and if you are hoping to cuddle this beast, you got your work cut out for you. He is not overly affectionate, nor does he crave affection all that much. Early socialization is a must, so that it can get used to other humans and pets as well.

Usually a Moscow Watchdog will respect the assertive manner of all family members, and doesn’t choose one single owner. Thus it is not a good idea to have children next to this breed, since it will not tolerate the haphazard and weak position of children. Probems may arise, if you aim to raise both.

Apart from all this, he will make not only a great watchdog but a companion and friend for life as well. He needs an iron hand and a heart of gold to be your true friend.

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